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What is Mew Cat?

Mew Cat is a multidimensional gaming ecosystem. The island of Mew Cat is the backdrop for an ever-growing world where Cats with elemental powers roam free. Here, trainers from around the world set out to explore, collect, craft, battle and master the elements.

In the world of mew Cat, you own the resources you play with, and you can take them with you into all of our games (In Development).


Infernal Iberian Cat

Our Games (In Development)

Image for: Mew Cat Fight

Mew Cat Fight

Open Beta (In Development)

Face-off in the battle arena against players from around the globe in this free PVP web-based game.

Image for: Mew Cat Wilds: Call of the Cats

Mew Cat Wilds: Call of the Cats

The Beginning of the Story!

Game in development, Launch Soon!

Mew Cat Token


The entire Mew Cat ecosystem is powered by the Mew Cat token.

Housed on the Solana blockchain, Mew Cat represents the total value of our economy. With it comes various applications across all Mew Cat platforms as it can be used to purchase NFTs, materials, customizable traits and other features (Inside our Games). While it’s not required to play the game, it lends itself to a fully immersive gaming experience.

Token Name: Mew Cat.

Token Symbol: Mew Cat.

Paw Cat logo

Our Collections

To make the most of your Mew Cat experience, purchase our exclusive collectible and tradeable NFTs at Exchange Art.

Image for Origins

Elemental Cats

Essential to the Mew Cat ecosystem, Elemental Cats offer their owners cross-game utility by unlocking idle mechanics across all platforms.


Image for Fairlaunch Start 2024.05.17 16:00 (UTC)

Fairlaunch Start 2024.05.17 16:00 (UTC)

May 14, 2024

We will start the Fairlaunch at the pinksale from 2024.05.17 16:00 (UTC) to 2024.05.22 18:00 (UTC)

Image for KYC Approved

KYC Approved

May 11, 2024

Our CEO passed the KYC process by pinksale


We are always looking for the best of the best to join our team. From Game Designers to Community Managers, all of our roles are 100% remote.

Send Your CV with professional experiences and skills for our team to analyze


See the path New Cat will take to be a global success!

Stage 1

Idea Planning and Development Website Development - Creation of Digital Identity and Social Networks - Creation and Deploy Solana Contract

Stage 2

Mew Cat token public pre-sale - Start of development of our Games Mew Cat Fight & Wilds - NFT Collection Creation Starts - Community Giveaways Start - Rewards for NFT Holders

Stage 3

Aggressive Marketing on Social Media - Marketing on A-ADS - Marketing on CoinZilla - Marketing on Google ADS - Articles Major News Sites

Stage 4

Launch on Raydium & Jupiter Swap (Coming Soon) - Listing on CoinMarketCap - Listing on CoinGecko - Launch Beta Test Our Games Mew Cat Fight & Wilds - Draw for Owners to Access the Beta Test of Our Games - Listing on CEX Tier 2

Stage 5

Attract New Investors Globally - Monthly Draw for Biggest Mew Cat Token Holders - Alpha Game Mew Cat Fight & Wilds Version Launch

Stage 6

Mobile and Desktop Versions of Our Games - Monthly Updates on the Contents of our Games - Listing of Our Mew Cat Fight & Wilds Games on GameFI - CEX Tier 1 Listing - New Updates Coming Soon


What is the Mew Cat Universe?

Mew Cat is both a brand and an ecosystem of games. Cats are the central characters in the games within our universe.

What games are you developing?

We are hard at work developing Mew Cat Fight, a web-based PvP battle game (similar to Pokémon battles) and a cross-platform creature-catching MMORPG Mew Cat Wilds: Call of the Cats.

When will the games be released?

Mew Cat Fight Open Beta is scheduled to open in Q3 of this year or Q2. Our MMORPG is still in early development with a plan to open a Pre Alpha Demo in Q4 2024.

Can I play anything now?

Mew Cat Fight Alpha is in early development and will soon be accepting pre-registration for the Free Open Alpha which will be released in Q3 or Q2 of this year. Our MMORPG game is in early development. Keep an eye out for registration announcements.

How does Mew Cat work?

Mew Cat is a cross-play token that represents the value of the Mew Cat ecosystem. We are exploring multiple uses for this currency, such as purchasing new collections, cosmetics, and high-end in-game purchases.

How can I get Mew Cat?

The Mew Cat token will be released soon! on the Solana network, and a percentage of the token is locked into in-game rewards for players. More details are to come.

Are the games free to play?

Yes, both games are F2P. Players have the option to make purchases of cosmetic items, limited collections, which have special mechanics, not pay to win, but are not necessary to play and increase their rewards.

Where can I learn more about the game?

Great question! Our team will make a beginner's guide available as soon as the games are released. We have a fast-growing community there and we share previews, updates, and long-form articles all the time.